Burst coverage for support teams

Deliver consistently great support despite product hiccups, staff turnover and holiday spikes. Our trained teams can handle at least 3x normal volume with no extra charges.

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Free training upfront

All new clients start their account with two to four weeks of free training. During this free trial and training period, we train up the necessary agents and manager to handle your allotted workload in addition to increased workload. As we learn about your business and processes, we then continue to train new and existing agents to handle burst coverage.


Get ready for ticket bursts of all types

We have expert agents and managers for all types of issues. We have experts in basic issues like sign in issues and shipping lookups, and we have experts in handling more complex issues like product troubleshooting, payment problems, order fulfillment or replacement orders. To handle bursts properly, we need to have trained agents standing by for all types of expected conversations.


Ticket bursts happen for many reasons

Having worked with 100+ clients, we’ve seen all clients struggle with expected and unexpected ticket bursts. The most common reasons for overages are product outages, team holidays, sick leave and unexpected negative media coverage.


Allow your agents and managers to go on holiday whenever they want

Our teams work 24/7 and through all major holidays and weekends including Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. We also capacity plan for future bursts based on client needs and historical averages.


Avoid overcapacity and overpaying

Paying for teams to stand ready for bursts can get expensive. With our elastic pricing, you only pay for what you use. So, we’re ready for bursts, but we also reduce our capacity and your costs go down when ticket volumes decrease.


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We provide a complete support operation on demand, available 24/7 with elastic pricing.

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