Case Study

Handling 8000 calls per week while achieving a 94% CSAT

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The challenge

A growing healthcare marketplace platform struggles to keep up with increased call volumes and unpredictable spikes.

This healthcare platform experienced tremendous growth (6-15% per month), stretching their 50 support agent team. By partnering with Influx, they were able to keep up with growth, while maintaining an excellent customer experience.

The need

The healthcare marketplace required a robust customer service solution for its high-volume inquiries. Here’s what they needed to meet the demand:

1. 24/7 omnichannel support - Due to the nature of the healthcare industry, the company needed a 24/7 omnichannel solution delivering voice, live chat, email, and SMS to help their internal team handle over:

  • 5,000-8,000 calls/week
  • 1,000 live chat tickets/week
  • 300-400 emails/week
  • 4,000 SMS tickets/week

2. Workforce management systems - The platform needed strict adherence to work schedules to ensure no calls were missed. Workforce management systems would guarantee not only the right people are rostered and showing up, but active and available to take calls.

3. Integrated recruitment, training, and management - With a 50-person support team of their own to manage, the healthcare marketplace needed sufficient management for their outsourced team. They needed a support provider capable of delivering end-to-end recruitment processes and thorough agent compliance training tailored to the platform and its audience.

Additionally, quality assurance was a key support need, with regular audits and performance assessments to maintain high standards across all channels. The marketplace platform came to Influx for help.

The solution

Influx initially launched a pilot-phase team of 15 CX professionals with dedicated team leadership for 24/7 coverage. Within 3 months, the company scaled their Influx team to 60+ full-time customer support specialists across 6 regions.

Each Influx agent was pre-vetted and pre-trained for an accurate and compliant onboarding process to ensure top-notch quality assurance through every customer interaction. Influx established tiers of management with workforce management expertise, including predictions, attritions, coaching, and volume.

The 60-person team not only provides first-rate customer support, but also auditing, reporting, and customer processes.

The results

Influx is an extension of the healthcare platform’s internal team, providing exceptional customer experience dedication in several ways.

  • Call management: Influx agents decreased abandon call rate by 10X by using our award-winning internal playbook, SPEED.
  • Quality assurance: Each Influx agent is required to pass a monthly, product knowledge assessment with a 90% or higher.
  • Customer satisfaction: Influx has received zero customer complaints, driven by our unique in-house customer soft skills program, and maintains a 94% CSAT, exceeding a 90% target.
  • Schedule adherence - Influx’s daily shrinkage consistently remains below 10%.
  • Inbound + outbound voice support: Influx agents handle an average of 50-60 calls per agent each day, with a handle time of 6-8 minutes per call.

Since the partnership began in 2021, Influx acts as a flexible layer of support, scaling up or down depending on the company’s ticket volume to maintain consistent, high-quality coverage throughout the year.

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