How do I start?

When you contact us, we’ll set up an initial scoping session followed by an initial training period. During this time, we set up regular training sessions to learn more about your business, your customers and how to act. Typically, after two weeks of onboarding - we’re ready to start answering your tickets for you.

Can I still answer my own tickets?

Yes, absolutely! You give us access by creating a single account inside your help desk, so you still can run your customer support operation as you do currently, while just assigning our team tickets as you wish.

How does support training work?

Starting on your launch date, we set up a regular conversation between your staff and our success managers and client captains to define how our teams should be answering your tickets. We also flag new types of questions and conversations as they arrive. Typically, training is a continuous exercise.

Will I be able to see everything that happens with these tickets?

Yes, all our agent’s activity is recorded in your help desk. In addition, we create a client dashboard that lets you see additional customer feedback trends, bug reports and other common issues.

Who do I talk to at Influx about these conversations?

Each client gets a dedicated success manager and client captain.

Who answers my tickets?

You customer agents answer your tickets, with regular reviews and feedback conducted by our client captains and QA team. You have access to agents if you want too.

How do I ensure quality conversations?

In addition to full visibility and team training programs, we have our own QA team giving asynchronous feedback to agents and managers.

How does help desk integration work?

We typically request read only access. This gives us extra insights into how best to structure the support teams and it allows us to run our QA system.