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What 10+ years in support taught us about working with customers

Communication can be difficult for everyone, even when your job is centered on it. As a customer support representative, you must draw on a wide range of talents, including basic communication skills.

Tech support KPIs and management - interview with Todd Zabel from Janrain and Google

Todd Zabel has been helping customers and building support systems for more than ten years now, and he's done it at leading companies including Google, Janrain, and TiVo.
customer support

The five tools to keep your customers supported, between support emails

Nurturing your customer relationships is one of the best, and most proven, ways to grow your business. Successful customers generally spend more and refer more customers to you.
customer support

The four types of customer service agents hired by leading brands

Your support experience is only as strong as the people providing it. If you want to provide excellent support, you need to find, train, and manage the right people.
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Five easy ways to generate referrals from your support conversations

Generating customer referrals is one of the most powerful and time-tested ways to grow any business. When someone you trust recommends a business, you listen.

Global support team management - interview with Kristin Aardsma from Basecamp

Managing and leading a 15-person support team is no small feet. Doing this while everyone is working remotely, scattered all around the world, creates an entirely new set of challenges.

Zendesk Tutorial: Enabling and using Zendesk Markdown

Zendesk markdown is a "language" for formatting text inside Zendesk. It allows you to easily add bolding, bullet points, italics and other formatting into your tickets and macros simply by adding some symbols.

Zendesk Tutorial: How to setup macros

Macros are a Zendesk term for 'saved replies.' Using macros, you can respond to customers faster while reducing the chance of making a mistake.
Case Study

Sendle case study: 10 agents resolve 27,000+ conversations per month, then scale 2x in one month

10 agents close 27,000+ conversations per month, then scale 2x in one month for the holidays