New Feature: Multi-user access for the Influx dashboard

We've just launched our most requested feature since day 1 of Influx in 2013: Multi-user access.

Support Q&A with Cori Morris from Front

Cori Morris has been leading the support operations at Front since the launch of their in-house support operation. Growing the team from a party of one to six with a bunch of learnings along the way.

Get more leads with these six automated live chat tactics

Adding live chat to your funnel is not only a great way to support your customers; it can also prove to be super fruitful in igniting sales and optimising leads.

What 10+ years in support taught us about working with customers

Communication can be difficult for everyone, even when your job is centered on it. As a customer support representative, you must draw on a wide range of talents, including basic communication skills.

Support Q&A with Todd Zabel of Janrain

Todd Zabel has been helping customers and building support systems for more than ten years now, and he's done it at leading companies including Google, Janrain, and TiVo.

The five tools to keep your customers supported, between support emails

Nurturing your customer relationships is one of the best, and most proven, ways to grow your business. Successful customers generally spend more and refer more customers to you.