customer support

Different types of customer support

Excellent customer support is essential for customer retention and acquisition. Learn how to grow your support team today!
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8 ways to boost social media marketing success

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Hiring vs. outsourcing

Before deciding whether to hire or outsource, weighing the pros and cons is crucial to make the most informed decision.
business operations

7 cost-cutting strategies that maintain quality

Read these seven strategies to reduce business expenses while maintaining quality!
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7 essential elements in business strategy

Your business strategy is your roadmap for decision-making. Learn about the evolution of business strategy and the essential elements you need!
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CRM software best practices

Use these eight best practices to keep your CRM software performing at a pinnacle!
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5 tips to improve CX and meet consumer demand

Elevate the customer experience with these five tips that keep your business competitive and adapting to consumer demand.
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CX News Now: The latest in customer experience

Get customer experience news, helpful tips/tricks, curated articles, and fresh industry insights straight to your inbox.
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A 2023 guide to live chat support

Master the art of live chat communication with our comprehensive guide!