business operations

Guide to efficient business operations

Monitoring business operations and adjusting for effectiveness is vital for long-term success. Improve your business operations today!
Case Study

Saturn case study: 24/7 coverage for 15,600+ ticket backlog with 10 Zendesk agents

See how Saturn scaled from 5 to 22 Influx agents while providing 24/7 coverage and back office support with help desk experts.
business operations

Steps to optimize for business growth in Q1

Q1 sets the tone for the year. Read more to make your plan for success by optimizing your operations to focus on growth.
customer experience

CX trend predictions for 2023

Our top 5 CX predictions for 2023. Utilize these trends for enhanced customer loyalty and satisfaction.
customer support

8 reasons to outsource your IT & technical support

Outsourcing your technical support can save your company valuable resources. Read our guide to find out why you should outsource your IT and technical support!
Case Study

AKKO case study: After-hours coverage for 142% ticket increase via live chat and email

See how Influx used after-hours coverage to tackle a 142% ticket increase via live chat and email with a perfect brand match.
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9 steps to reset your business budget for Q1

It's essential to reset business budgets to spend wisely and to plan for any uncertainties that may lie ahead. These 9 steps will get you started!
customer support

Why you need call center outsourcing

Get answers to questions including what is call center outsourcing, how much does it cost, and why outsource.
customer experience

7 pillars of effective ecommerce customer service

The best eCommerce customer service starts internally. Learn how to improve customer service in eCommerce with these 7 pillars!