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Best Zendesk apps for eCommerce - most popular

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by   Gaby Haans

The Zendesk app marketplace includes more than 1,300 apps. Influx offers our own for extra data and insights (available to anyone), but most of our eCommerce clients also add their own apps to help with productivity, reporting, content and collaboration.

To establish the ‘Best’ apps, we looked for the most popular apps from all of our eCommerce clients using Zendesk.

This final list was really interesting, and a little bit unexpected! These apps help with everything from multichannel communication to ticket personalization.

Here are the top 5.

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1. ChannelReply for Zendesk

Multichannel retailing is a popular strategy to increase sales. By selling in more places, more people see your products and sales go up. However, logging in and out of multiple accounts can be painful, especially when thinking about the support experience.

Why use it?

ChannelReply offers a solution to connect your marketplace accounts to your help desk. By integrating your Amazon and eBay into Zendesk using ChannelReply integration, you’re able to access all of your customers’ information in one hub.

Key features:

  • Answer Amazon and eBay messages directly through your Zendesk.
  • Identify the customer’s order and shipping information from the marketplace database within the Zendesk sidebar.
  • Approve or decline eBay return and refund requests and/or mark Amazon messages as “No response needed” or as suspicious directly in Zendesk.

2. Attentive Zendesk App

Attentive is a personalized mobile messaging platform that connects your eCommerce business with customers in a new exciting way. This app automatically sends engaging text messages to your subscribers, from cart abandonment reminders to notices about exclusive sales, or even product recommendations.

Why use it?

Statistics show that mobile messages open rates are significantly higher than emails, with the Attentive Zendesk integration you can increase sales while providing speedy assistance to your customers.

Key features:

  • All the text messages received from a customer are automatically forwarded to your Zendesk.
  • Connect your support team directly and seamlessly to your customers’ mobiles.
  • Less opt-outs and 31% more spend from customers who receive replies.

3. Knowledge Capture for Zendesk

In 2019, consumers expected a response from support within 24 hours. With the expectation of social media support, 18% of worldwide customers expect to receive a response within 1 hour. Making the importance of a fast response is one of the highest demands in modern customer support.

Why use it?

Knowledge Capture helps your support team respond faster by providing a “cheat sheet” from within the ticket sidebar of your help center. This integration alleviates your team’s collective knowledge when assisting your customers.

Key features:

  • Search related articles without leaving the ticket and add them to the reply box.
  • Update an article from within Zendesk itself by adding inline feedback to it.
  • Create new articles directly from within Zendesk while answering tickets.

4. Ticket History for Zendesk App

On of the leading recurring pain points of a customer is the need to provide data repeatedly to customer support reps.

Why Use It?

This is where the Ticket History integration for Zendesk comes in. Allowing you to see a preview of what has been said in previous tickets. Avoiding the need for repeat questions, in one click!

Key features:

  • Easily check the customer’s ticket history and information in the sidebar, such as ticket ID, status, creation date, and assignee.
  • Switch directly to a particular ticket to see all your conversations with the customer from the one ticket.
  • Cost? Free!

5. Shopify for Support (Zendesk App)

Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform which has been trusted by 800,000 businesses in 150+ countries. It’s no surprise to see it is one of the most popular Zendesk apps for eCommerce businesses. Case in point: 83% of our eCommerce clients have the Shopify integration installed into their Zendesk.

Why Use It?

The Shopify and Zendesk integration enables you to solve customers’ queries faster by having quick access to order, billing and shipping information from right within the sidebar in Zendesk.

Key features:

  • Instantly see the customer’s order history and the information for each order ID, such as the products, total fee, shipping address, and tracking numbers.
  • Facilitate your customer to contact your support team quickly and easily by adding the Zendesk web widget to your Shopify-powered site.
  • Free!

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