Support insights with your Influx dashboard

Support is a 24/7 operation. We’ll define gaps in your existing operation once you connect your help desk to your Influx account. It’s free, and we’ll usually have data ready for you within a week of connecting your two accounts.

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Customer queries by weekday by hour

Define burst trends by week or by month. See which specific hours in the week continuously experience the biggest volumes.

Customer Queries by Weekday by Hour


Response times by weekday by hour

Define where response times are abnormally high or low. Problem areas are automatically highlighted.

Response Times by Weekday by Hour


Customer queries and responses by day

See where you’re missing tickets the most frequently. Identify trends over the course of a week or over the course of a month. For Influx clients, we’ll also show you how many tickets we’re answering for you by day.

Customer Queries and Responses by Day


Historical ticket volumes and pricing

For Influx clients, keep track of pricing and plan information, and see how it overlaps with your overall ticket volumes.

Customer Queries by Weekday by Hour


Access extra insights into your support operation.
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