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6 ways to provide exceptional customer support experiences

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by   Mikayla Fuller
February 1, 2024

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How do you acquire new customers? Quality products and great service are certainly important, but the primary reason customers choose to do business with a company revolves around the business’s ability to provide an amazing customer experience (CX).

An exceptional CX is characterized by the overall satisfaction, positive emotions, and lasting impressions that customers have after interacting with a business.

Curious about how you can provide those exceptional support experiences? If so, you won’t want to miss this post, where we dive into four pillars and six ways you can provide the best experiences possible.

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4 pillars of exceptional customer support experiences

The 4 pillars of exceptional customer support experiences are the foundation upon which customer relationships are built. Each pillar represents a vital aspect that collectively ensures a seamless and unparalleled customer journey to meet and exceed customer expectations.

1. Availability

Being available stands as a fundamental pillar that resonates with customers’ expectations and desires. Accessibility is not just about providing customer support during standard business hours; it’s about going above and beyond to extend availability to cover peak times and urgent situations.

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2. Solution-driven

Being a solution-driven business is at the core of exceptional customer service. Identifying problems is just the first step; the true measure of customer support excellence lies in the ability to deliver quick and tangible solutions. In essence, the importance of a solution-driven ethos in customer support cannot be overstated, as it forms the bedrock for building trust, loyalty, and advocacy.

3. Compassionate

Customers remember not only the resolution of their issues but also the way they were treated throughout the process.

About 86% of consumers cite brand authenticity as a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support.

In an era where authenticity is valued, incorporating empathy and compassion into customer support practices is a powerful component of fostering long-term, meaningful customer relationships.

Learn more about building rapport in customer support.

4. Consistency across channels

Customers often have a preferred channel of contact, whether it’s through phone, email, chat, or social media. Consistency across these channels, especially in an omnichannel context, is an important part of providing a seamless CX where customers know they can receive reliable and cohesive support.

70% of customers say that seamless conversational experiences led to them purchasing more from a company, while 64% will spend more if their issues are resolved on a channel they’re already using.

This pillar recognizes the importance of meeting customers on their preferred channels, enhancing convenience, and providing a unified brand experience. Get the prompts to create your brand voice and customer support macros using AI. 

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6 ways to provide exceptional customer support experiences 

Providing exceptional experiences is not just a goal—it’s a strategic imperative. Each of these strategies is meticulously designed to elevate customer satisfaction and build lasting brand loyalty that turns customers into advocates. 

1. Know the customer

An exceptional customer experience goes beyond simply meeting basic expectations to create a memorable and enjoyable journey for the customer throughout their interaction with a brand. Understanding the unique preferences, needs, and expectations of customers is essential for tailoring services that resonate with them.

60% of consumers report that they will become repeat buyers after a personalized purchasing experience.

Businesses that strive to know their customers invest in comprehensive customer research, utilizing data analytics, surveys, and feedback mechanisms to gather insights. This knowledge allows companies to create personalized interactions, anticipate customer desires, and proactively address their concerns. Implementing customer relationship management (CRM) systems can also be instrumental in consolidating customer information, ensuring a holistic view of the customer’s journey with the brand.

Using this information, a great customer support agent will know each customer and their needs, tailoring their service to fit the customer’s expectations for a better experience.

2. Make things easy

The ideal customer service experience is one in which the customer reaches their ideal outcome with as little friction as possible. Striving to be the easiest brand to work with involves simplifying every touchpoint of the customer journey. From intuitive website navigation to straightforward product information and easy-to-understand processes, simplicity is key.

The goal? Eliminate any unnecessary friction or inconvenience, ensuring that customers can effortlessly find information, quickly navigate your knowledge base, and seek support when needed. Brands that prioritize ease of interaction stand out in a crowded market, as customers appreciate the simplicity and are more likely to become repeat buyers and advocates.

By being the easiest brand to work with, businesses not only enhance customer satisfaction but also position themselves as customer-centric leaders in their industry.

3. Respond quickly

Customers are 2.4 times more likely to stick with a brand when their problems are solved quickly.

Responding promptly to customer support problems is paramount in providing exceptional experiences for several reasons. In today’s fast-paced world, customers value their time, and a quick response demonstrates a commitment to respecting that and taking their concerns seriously.

Swift responses not only address the immediate concern at hand but also showcase the brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction. In situations where issues might escalate, a rapid response can often prevent further complications, showcasing proactive problem-solving.

The importance of responding promptly is not just about resolving issues; it’s about creating a positive and memorable experience that resonates with customers long after the problem has been solved.

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4. Go beyond what competitors deliver

81% of organizations cite CX as a competitive differentiator.

The level of service you provide influences every aspect of your business. Exceptional service alone gives your business a competitive advantage, but knowing your competitors’ customer journey enables you to go beyond surface-level support and truly delight your customers.

What are your competitors doing? What are the latest trends in your industry? Are there any new tools, platforms, or approaches that can enhance your CX? 

Fostering a culture of continuous improvement within your organization and encouraging employees to share insights and ideas embraces a mindset of adaptability and innovation on how to surpass competitors.

Pro tip: You can use many different methods—and the built-in features of customer service software, shared inbox tools, and help desk software—to delight your customers and have them raving about your support.

5. Get customer feedback and implement it

The estimated cost of consumers’ switching due to poor customer service is $1.6 trillion.

Um…wow! 63% of customers will leave after just one poor experience, some even going on to share that bad experience with friends and family. Customer feedback is a valuable source of insights that can shed light on pain points, preferences, and areas for improvement to keep your customers happy and coming back.

Gathering customer feedback is great! However, the true impact lies in the proactive implementation of this feedback. If customers have a bad experience, feedback gives them the opportunity to share their experience, empowering you to find a solution and prevent it from happening to other customers.

Whether it’s refining products, optimizing services, or enhancing the customer support process, incorporating customer suggestions sends a powerful message: that your business values its customers’ opinions and is dedicated to evolving in line with their needs to give them the best experience possible. 

6. Continually train support staff

Great customer experience requires…experience. While it’s true that customer service is a skill that can be learned and honed, the practical application and exposure to various customer interactions play a crucial role in refining and elevating those skills.

Regular training equips customer service teams with the latest industry insights, tools, and techniques, empowering them to navigate changing landscapes with agility. Ultimately, by investing in continual customer service training, businesses not only enhance the skills of their teams but also position themselves to consistently provide exceptional and up-to-date experiences that align with ever-changing customer expectations.

Check out the complete guide to customer service training for more on keeping your staff versed in customer support excellence.

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There you have it! Four pillars and six ways to provide exceptional customer experiences that help turn your customers into advocates. :) 

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