Custom CX

Add extra CX solutions to your dedicated support team or large-scale operation to maximize operational efficiency.

Custom solutions include: copilots, AI tuning, infrastructure change management, business process design, custom agent intakes, custom training modules and more.

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Tailored teams, tailored success

Get a support team that is designed entirely around your specific requirements - be it advanced security protocols or specialized staff requirements. Equip your support capabilities with voice, chat, email, and more. Our flexible, turnkey solution ensures that your support is as unique as your business.

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Gabriel, Recruiter, 3 yrs with Influx


Specialized onboarding

Scale your support team without a hitch with our specialized onboarding team that ensures a seamless integration of our services into your business model. We help you every step of the way, from initial setup to ongoing improvements to your support team, ensuring the success of your CX.

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Scale with 50+ agents, fast

Boost your CX capabilities with 50+ agents quickly and efficiently with Influx. Hiring only the top 1% support agents, Influx ensures that quality is maintained even as you scale your business.

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Ana, Customer Support, 2 yrs with Influx

Deliver a tailored support experience at scale.

See how Influx builds full-service, 100% customizable support solutions for growing businesses, everywhere.

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