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Upwards mobility and internal growth at Influx

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by   Graysen Christopher
August 31, 2022

Much of our team has been with Influx since the start in 2013. As the business expands, so do the career pathways for our people. Working with a global team and diverse client base, there’s a ton of personal and professional development. Hiring high-performing people makes for better teams, greater opportunities for growth, and plenty of chances to learn along the way.

Meet Gusthy, employee #7 at Influx and one of our Delivery Managers located in Indonesia.

This was Gusthy’s first job out of college and since then she’s experienced a wide range of positions in her seven-plus years at the company including customer supportagent, team lead, account manager, and delivery manager.

“I’ve had so many roles. I think it taught me everything I know about how to be a good employee, how to achieve targets, how to push myself out of the box, and out of my comfort zone.” -Gusthy

Watch the video below to learn more about Gusthy’s journey with Influx and everything she’s learned along the way!

One of our values is a high-performance work environment that supports a life outside of work. When our team members grow professionally and learn about themselves along the way, it supports a successful, fulfilling life outside of work. 

If this sounds like the kind career you would like to explore, visit our careers page to learn more about working at Influx!

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Photo of Graysen Christopher

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