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CASELY's score after Influx

Partnered with Influx March 2020

Amazing service…Their customer support is friendlier than a labrador puppy and quicker than the spread of Covid…I got a replacement (case) for free within 3 days. I live in Germany, and the case was shipped from the US in 3 days!!! Witchcraft. They also respond to emails within minutes. They are so perfect it’s scary.

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Burst coverage resolves 2800+ seasonal backlog with 92%+ CSAT after 200%+ customer growth
100% customer support for 2x seasonal ticket spikes from 6 dedicated agents
Reduced 48hr response time by 6x while growing 300+% with dedicated agents
10 agents resolve 27,000+ conversations p/month, then quickly scale 2x in one month
Improved first response time by 10x while experiencing 16,954% growth via 24/7 support

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