Zendesk Tutorial: How and when to use tags

Tagging in Zendesk may feel pretty straightforward, but knowing when and how to use them will set you up for inbox bliss and greater support transparency.
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Five ways to compete with Amazon using excellent customer service

Manly Bands is an anomaly, and for all the right reasons. They built a profitable business in less than a year with no outside funding or referral network. They didn’t have a big blog following or an Instagram or Facebook audience already available.

Zendesk Tutorial: Setting up your initial five views

Views are the tool you use to organise tickets from inside Zendesk. Streamlining them to make the time spent in your inbox as efficient (and straightforward) as possible is so important when aiming for the elusive inbox-zero.
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Bonobo case study: fast app support and bug reporting for iOS, 24/7

See how Influx delivers fast in app support and bug reports for iOS, 24/7 with 1000+ resolutions per month.

Zendesk Tutorial: Activating CSAT

CSAT can be one of your most valuable tools when tracking the pulse of your customers. In this tutorial - we are going to run you through how you set it up within Zendesk.

How to build a SaaS support team with Emily Howman, customer service manager at Biteable

Emily Howman runs global support for Biteable. Learn how she built her team to deliver 24/7 fast support via Intercom.

Support team alignment and metrics - Interview with Steve Noone O'Connor from Vend

Read how Vend provide an industry leading customer experience that helps power their entire business.

Building the world’s easiest solution for buying unique and affordable wedding rings

See how Manly Bands differentiates themselves from the competition by delivering thoughtful and fast responses.
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Influx Year in Review: 2017

We’re in the busiest support season of the year! Start from updating our primary selling proposition to launching a new service. Here are all the highlights.