Case Study

Full Focus case study: Reduced 48hr response time by 6x while growing 300+%

Read how Full Focus partnered with Influx to get on top of the backlog and grow 300+% .
business operations

15 business growth strategies

There are many different ways to grow a business. Read through our list of 15 strategies explained simply to find the right option for you!
customer support

8 ways to build a budget-friendly customer support team

Build a skilled customer support team, and a loyal customer base will follow. Read more to create a budget-friendly support team!
resources and guides

70 most popular live chat canned responses

Save time on live chat support with these canned responses!
work culture

How to use automation for employee productivity

Automation plays a significant role in employee productivity. Learn how to take advantage of automation for increased efficiency.
resources and guides

Business operations, efficiency, and outsourcing report

Learn how outsourcing can improve business operations and boost efficiency with this in-depth report.
best practices

Live chat best practices for businesses

Do you want to learn more about how best to run and optimize your live chat support team? Influx has you covered with the live chat best practices guide.
tips and tutorials

Work smarter, not harder

Imagine doing something that used to take you half a day in a fraction of the time. With concentration and minimal distractions, it’s possible. 
Case Study

Asana Rebel case study: 100% customer support in 6 languages across 7 platforms

See how Asana Rebel handled 8x growth in 2020 while continuing to deliver multi-language, multi-channel customer support with Influx.