business operations

7 ways to improve business operations

Improving business operations maximizes value-added work and drives revenue. Read our seven tips to improve business operations!
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Guide to scaling a business

Scaling a business requires strategic planning. Read our comprehensive guide to prepare for a successful season of scale!
work culture

Influx year in review 2022

Take a look at Influx’s year in review for 2022 including global expansion, client growth, product launches, and more.
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How to ensure optimal security for your business

At its worst, a cyber assault can cause irreparable damage to a company and can even result in legal action. Be proactive in keeping your business safe!
business operations

Leadership in the digital age

Leadership shapes the future and ensures that organizations are well-equipped to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Read more for digital era leadership skills.
customer support

How to scale without compromising customer support

Providing good customer support is crucial for the long-term growth and success of a business. Learn to scale without compromising service!
Case Study

CASELY case study: Improved first response time by 10x while experiencing 16,954% growth

See how CASELY reduced their first response time by 10x, improved their brand star rating to 4.8 and grew 16,954% while partnering with Influx.
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The 8 best B2B sales tactics

Test these 8 proven strategies & techniques to close more deals across your B2B sales.
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How to build a good customer support team: 6 proven tips that work

Establishing a customer support team on proven principles is crucial for success in any organization.