Case Study

Case Study: Manly Bands

Learn how Manly Bands works with Influx to deliver thoughtful and fast responses, 24/7

Zendesk Tutorial: Enabling and using Zendesk Markdown

To get started on Zendesk markdown, you really need to understand what it is. Simply: it's a "language" for formatting text inside Zendesk.

Zendesk Tutorial: Setup guide and recommendations for macros

A macro is a saved reply or script that we use for answering customer questions and cases. You can insert them easily into a ticket with the click of a button.
Case Study

Case Study: Sendle

Read more about how Influx works with Sendle’s internal team to provide a buffer layer of support.

Zendesk Tutorial: How and when to use tags

Tagging in Zendesk may feel pretty straightforward, but knowing when and how to use them will set you up for inbox bliss and greater support transparency.

Five ways to compete with Amazon using excellent customer service

Manly Bands is an anomaly, and for all the right reasons. They built a profitable business in less than a year with no outside funding or referral network. They didn’t have a big blog following or an Instagram or Facebook audience already available.