Why Influx

Clear the inbox, fast, using a repeatable, scalable support model that grows with you. We match your KPIs and brand voice exactly.

Case studies

See how companies work with Influx to deliver flexibility and scale.

76 agents resolve 250,000+ tickets per month with 24/7 coverage, surpassing KPIs
Instant live chat support and inbox zero maintained with a 94% customer feedback rating
24/7 coverage via Support as a Service across 3 regions with flex and scale up capacity
24/7 omnichannel support and sales with two-minute live chat response times
Reduced first response time by 6x with perfect brand match while growing 300%+
Building a remote support team with consistent culture, standards, and performance

Authentic conversations at scale

We use three levels of management to ensure that every agent creates a brand experience that is both helpful and memorable, for all the right reasons. Our service is fast, while every communication is human and considered.

Learn more about how we deliver authentic conversations at scale for eCommerce and SaaS companies.

Flexible hours

Choose your coverage hours, and let us build the perfect team to meet your KPIs. We can work 24/7, after hours, weekends or during the work day. We use a ‘follow the sun’ model with our staff, enabling us to hire the top candidates and manage locally, while still providing fast, 24/7 coverage.

Client examples: Learn more about how we deliver 24/7 sales and support or after hours support.

Month to month

Move your service up or down based on when you need us. Our service is elastic, making it easy to scale up for the holidays or new product launches, without needing to commit to long term agent contracts or management. We manage all of that for you.

We charge clients for the upcoming month of service. Learn more about our pricing.

Launch in 1 week

We always have at least 10 agents ready to start in one week. We pre-train our staff so we can ramp up quickly. Our recruiting engine can add 30+ agents in one month across three regions: Americas, APAC and EU. We can add 200+ agents with three month’s notice. Every new hire goes through a three step recruiting process with multiple managers.

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Delivering a flexible customer experience on brand and at scale.

Blenders Eyewear partnered with Influx to scale, flex and grow their business fast.

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Resources to scale customer support and offer great experiences

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Why flexibility matters

It's hard to predict the next 12 months. Your next launch could go amazingly well or drive no change in support tickets. Someone on your team quits unexpectedly, and you need someone to cover on the weekend. Your marketing team sends an email without letting you know.

Influx provides flexibility to cover the unexpected, while giving you scale up capacity for when things start to go really well, globally, 24/7, across any channel: email, chat, voice, social media.

Build a long term solution while keeping costs low in the short term.