Fully managed customer support

Influx provides a complete customer support operation. With management and training included, have the best support agents working for you, 24/7.

Always on, always flexible, with month to month pricing.

Trusted by startups to enterprise

“With agents working tirelessly, we saw an incredible achievement from the team with inbox at 0.”

Dane Burgess, Head of Customer Support at Linktree

Discover how Linktree partnered with Influx to provide 24/7 global support coverage.

Why choose Influx?

Influx redefines what customer support outsourcing can be. Our innovative, flexible approach ensures you get top-tier support that adapts to your unique needs.

Influx support outsourcing

Elevating customer support through innovation and flexibility.

  • Highly flexible, scaleable teams
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • No lock-in contracts
  • High quality, spacialized agents
  • Fully remote teams, 24/7/365
  • Tailored solutions to fit needs
  • Continuous training programs

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Other BPOs

Conventional approaches to customer support services.

  • Limited flexibility and scalability
  • Fixed contracts and pricing
  • Long-term lock-in contracts
  • Varied quality, generalized agents
  • On-site teams, limited coverage hours
  • One-size-fits-all solutions
  • Basic initial training only

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Customer support, your way

When it comes to customer support, one size doesn’t fit all. Influx understands this, providing a flexible service that adapts to your specific needs and systems. We don’t just support; we enhance and grow with your business, taking your established processes and scaling them to new heights.

Lara, Customer Support, 2 yrs with Influx


Service excellence, elevated

Ever had a customer support experience that felt different — where the quality of service shone through? At Influx, our 24/7 support goes beyond problem-solving, we prioritize exceptional customer care, ensuring your customers always feel valued and satisfied.

Gabriel, Recruiter, 3 yrs with Influx


24/7 support, global coverage

Our worldwide network of Influx support agents operates within their local time zones, ensuring they’re fresh, alert, and ready to engage with your customers at optimal times. This means extended support hours for your customers and a happier, healthier work-life balance for our teams.

Ana, Customer Support, 2 yrs with Influx

Why Influx?

Brand alignment

Our agents become your brand ambassadors. We speak your language and reflect your company’s values.

Proven experience

Trust in our proven track record. We bring years of experience to deliver consistently exceptional service.

Seamless integration

Influx adapts to your current systems, amplifying your existing processes. See all of our integrations.

Case studies

See how companies work with Influx to deliver flexibility and scale.

24/7 coverage from 76 agents achieve 49% reduction in first response time
24/7 coverage with a fully managed support team of 8 agents across 3 regions
After-hours coverage with dedicated agents for 142% ticket increase via live chat and email
24/7 email and live chat support achieve 94% CSAT with social media experts
Improved first response time by 10x while experiencing 16,954% growth via 24/7 support

Hire full-service teams on demand

Make your support ops fast, flexible and ready for anything with experienced 24/7 support teams working month to month.