24/7 global coverage

Hire a support teams working their regular business hours - in their own timezones. Respond to your customers faster, fill internal coverage gaps, and get quality support at all hours.

Full coverage for global brands

Respond to customers faster

Respond to customers quickly at any hour of the day or night with agents working in every time zone. Improve response times and boost customer satisfaction.

See how Motor Trend on Demand reduced response times by 81% after partnering with Influx. Read the case study →

Monifa, Team Leader, 4 yrs with Influx

Fill coverage gaps

Get after-hours and weekend support to fill the gaps for your internal team. Prevent backlog and keep the inbox empty with 24/7 support.

See how AKKO utilized after-hours support with Influx to manage a 142% increase in ticket volume. Read the case study →

Renardo, Team Leader, 5 yrs with Influx

Hire experienced agents in the right time zones

Ensure quality support from teams working normal business hours in their time zones. Influx utilizes the follow-the-sun model, meaning no graveyard shifts.

See how Karbon works with Influx to deliver 24/7 global support after 2x company growth. Read the case study →

Judith, Recruiter, 5 yrs with Influx

Ben Cadenel
Customer Service Manager, Koala

“With Influx, we can provide high-quality customer service at all hours. We use a combination of CSAT, CES and NPS to track and improve quality, and we’re now meeting or surpassing our goals 24/7.”

Koala - the mattress company with over 14,000 five-star customer reviews. Read the case study →

Hire full-service teams on demand

Make your support ops fast, flexible and ready for anything with experienced 24/7 support teams working month to month.