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24/7 customer & operations support tailored for the services industry. From healthcare services navigating patient queries, to entertainment providers offering round-the-clock customer engagement.

Fully-managed support teams to ensure your customers receive the care they deserve, whenever they need it. Get started →.

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Delightful customer experiences

Service support

Efficient support, billing and account operations. We tackle day-to-day support, backlogs and spikes, removing growth bottlenecks. Our support teams are your growth catalyst, letting you focus on your business.

Atika, Customer Support, 3 yrs with Influx

Run a more efficient operation

Service delivery

We take care of any workflow. From scheduling appointments to managing logistics, we ensure smooth operations. We’re the link between your customers, vendors, and partners, syncing every interaction.

Ana, Customer Support, 2 yrs with Influx

Why Influx?

See why we’re a trusted service partner for start-ups and scale-ups.


Flexible plans

Pay per ticket or pay per agent. We can also help with large-scale operations.



A flexible way to deliver an exceptional customer experience at scale with no lock-in contracts.


Scale on demand

Hire 1 agent or 30+. Part time or full time agents. Scale up and down on demand.


Brand match

Our agents become your brand ambassadors. We speak your language and reflect your company’s values.



We handle the onboarding and training - so you can prepare to scale in as little as one week.



Our experienced managers provide training, QA, re-training and performance management.


Top 1% of agents

We recruit and filter new agents based on soft skills and the ability to navigate tricky customer conversations. We only hire the top 1% of agents.


Omnichannel support

Agents for every occasion: email, helpdesks, live chat, social, and voice/phone.

Angela Trinidad
Director of People and Culture, Sendle

“Influx has had a hugely positive impact on our operation and ultimately our customers. They’ve been the motor running our ship allowing our champs to spread out, focus on complex enquiries and build cadence in delivering quality responses while our company goes through continuous change and growth.”

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See how service providers work with Influx to deliver exceptional customer service

24/7 email and live chat support achieve 94% CSAT with social media experts
100% customer support in 6 languages across 7 platforms for complete end-to-end support
24/7 support for tier-1 and tier-2 tickets and bug reporting with 67% first touch resolutions
24/7 coverage for fast app support, QA, and bug reporting for iOS on 3 continents
24/7 coverage from 76 agents achieve 49% reduction in first response time
24/7 support with 78% one-click resolutions and 4.63 customer satisfaction rating

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