Excellent customer experience

We define excellent customer experience based on four factors: Comprehension, brand, depth and empathy. Our managers and analysts review all responses based on these four factors. We then use grades to provide feedback and training to agents and managers.

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Improve comprehension

We define comprehension by how well an agent understands the question. Comprehension isn’t always easy. Often a customer asks five questions in one, uses a translation that doesn’t make sense or uses vague language. Excellent agents can find a way to answer the question correctly and refer to multiple answers as needed.

Improve brand voice

We believe the most important step in improving brand voice is to talk like a human being. This means staying away from using too many macros, and when you do use macros, to make sure you wrap these pre-prepared pieces of information with personal greetings and closings. We also watch for things like succinctness, clarity and correct sentence structure.

Improve depth of response

By responding to an issue in depth, you’re doing everything in your power to help the customer. You’re also showing that you’re going above and beyond, and by going above and beyond, you’re showing that you care and that you fully understand their problem.

Improve empathy and understanding

Empathy requires understanding someone’s feelings and then shaping your response appropriately. Responding to an angry customer is an art, but we also watch for things like responding to happiness and sadness correctly.

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