How we answer your tickets

Our system connects to your existing help desk. You can see everything our team is doing while maintaining your existing workflow.

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Start by creating an Influx account

Doing this adds your business to our internal system and it allows us to start assigning agents and managers to your account. Also by creating an account, you can later access extra stats and insights relating to your customer support. Sign up here

Then create a single user account in your help desk for our teams

We answer all tickets as this single user. You have full visibility into what our team is saying collectively, and you can compare our work with your internal teams.

Start a two to four week free trial and training period

This is when we learn the most about your business and set rules and procedures for our teams. For more details on the training period, see how we learn your business.

Join weekly discussions with your team manager to give feedback and guidance

We assign client captains to each account, and in addition, we have account managers and operations managers watching all of our agent’s work. Our QA team gives regular feedback based on the direction you give us.

Our agents start answering tickets

Based on the processes you give us, our agents start answering tickets and acting on your behalf. In addition to simple responses, our teams are trained to handle all types of work such as looking up purchase orders, troubleshooting product bugs, and collecting customer feedback.

Talk to our teams via Slack (Optional)

We can set up a Slack bridge between our own internal Slack account and yours, allowing you to talk directly to agents and managers assigned to your account.

Provide API access to your help desk (Optional)

This is optional, but highly recommended. By giving us API access, our teams can better learn your processes and business. It also allows us to run our QA process more thoroughly. Providing regular feedback, and continuously training our agents is a key component to providing excellent customer service.

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