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Hire a 24/7 team, on demand, with management and training included.

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Elastic support guarantees coverage and high quality responses

We pre-train our team to match your upcoming demand. We have agents based in Jamaica, Kenya and Indonesia, with local management in place to ensure weekly rostering. Our pricing moves monthly with a pay-per-response model.


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Hire dedicated agents if needed

If you need us to answer more than 1,000 inbound messages per month, we can dedicate a team of agents with per agent monthly pricing. This can work particularly well if you want us to manage tier 2 tickets or take on more of the management work. For per agent pricing, please request a quote here.


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Already working with leading startup brands

We know how to work with companies growing 5x per year. Read some of our case studies with Sendle, Biteable and Vend. All of our management, training and re-training is included in our pricing, and we connect our team to yours with weekly planning and feedback meetings.

Some of our clients

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Emily 0b5265b4f4ad8c5d9367cb89a80d085ef26041516b709f4e49a32bd4ab740b0e
“Control and professionalism - those were the main two things I wanted. Influx delivered those. With Influx, you train once and then you end up with 24/7 support.”
Emily Howman
Head of Customer Support at Biteable, the world’s simplest video maker, powering more than 1 million videos.

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Eva 14fbef59083387475df201f4a8372a00b7dd11b9f7fd6ea4430c811bcd7ad7af
“We treat Influx as if they were a team member, so they have access to all of our resources, internal documentation, training, and things like that. They help with burst coverage and they act as a buffer layer between support demand and our own internal agents.”
Eva Schaller
Head of Customer Support at Sendle, growing 20% month on month.

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“I get a real sense of accomplishment training up the team - establishing and maintaining quality is an ongoing project when you are a client captain and a really important focus as it directly connects to client satisfaction and confidence.

They need to feel confident they can come to me – essentially we are working together for joint success, so that unfaltering confidence is key.”

Client Captain at Influx
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